We are less than a week away from the NBA Draft and the Boston Celtics, the top seed in the Eastern Conference, have the first pick. The rumor mill churned quickly Friday with reports coming out that the Celtics are looking to trade the No. 1 pick and possibly go after Chicago Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler.

Sources told ESPN’s Zach Lowe and Marc Stein the Celtics were talking with the Philadelphia 76ers about trading the No. 1 pick. The move would be an effort to leverage draft picks to trade for Butler, who the Celtics were linked to in the offseason.

It’s a good and bold move for the Celtics to make. Adding Butler brings another superstar talent to an already talented team. Boston would probably have to make some room for him to fit salary wise, but it puts Boston in a good shape to over take the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East. However, if the Celtics are thinking NBA championship — they should think again.

Any move any Eastern Conference team makes is not going to top the Golden State Warriors. The teams would just be vying to be first ones to lose to a team that is poised to win the next two or three titles. As long as the Warriors have Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, they will be unstoppable. Golden State needed this super team to defeat the Cavaliers and no other team in the East has stopped Cleveland. Boston could do it by adding Butler.

D-Day for the Celtics is coming soon. The draft has never really been this exciting. The prospect of Boston acquiring Butler is going to make the time leading up to the first pick very interesting to watch.


Posted by Ryan Gaydos

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the LA Sports Pulse. When I'm not doing that or asleep, I am running FoxNews.com's homepage. Follow me on Twitter @RyanGaydos.

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