Phil Simms learned from his son, Chris Simms, that he would be losing his analyst job to Tony Romo.

Chris Simms told the story on his podcast Friday. Simms said he received a text from an “NFL insider” about Romo replacing his father as the No. 1 color commentator for games on CBS.

“I forwarded the text message that I was sent and it basically said, “Hey, listen, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Romo’s being offered your dad’s job on CBS, that sucks, I’m sorry.”‘ Simms said.

Phil Simms was in Barbados at the time. Chris Simms said he was “probably a little disappointed” at the development.

“That’s just not what you do to a good, hard-working employee that’s been for 20 years been kind of the face of your football station. I think from that it probably does hurt,” he added.

Phil Simms has not publicly responded to Romo taking his job, but the sudden change did send shock waves through the league.


Posted by Ryan Gaydos

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