LSU and coach Les Miles parted ways early in the season. It was a marriage that seemed to be coming close to ending as soon as the 2015 season ended. Losses to Wisconsin and Auburn didn’t help Miles’ cause and by the time LSU got back to Baton Rouge after the Auburn loss, Miles was gone.

It’s unclear where Miles could land now, but USA Today‘s Dan Wolken trickled a rumor out Saturday that Purdue could be a team to watch this offseason in the Miles sweepstakes.

Wolken is one of the better college football writers in the nation so a rumor like this is something to take pretty seriously.

Purdue’s current head coach is Darrell Hazell. He came over from Kent State after the 2012 season. However, Purdue hasn’t had the same success it had during the days of Drew Brees. Hazell is on the proverbial college football coaching hot seat.

The Indy Star‘s Greg Doyel wrote that Purdue has to care about football before it could fire and replace Hazell. Hammer and Rails was already looking at possible replacements for him after the second week of the season. The Boilermakers are 3-2 this season — that seems fleeting because of how good the Big Ten has been over the course of the year.

However, Hazell’s 9-32 record shouldn’t cut it and he probably will be gone by season’s end.

Is Miles the right person for the job? Maybe. It would certainly add more intrigue to the Big Ten.


Posted by Ryan Gaydos

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