Watch: LSU Scores Would Be Game-Winning TD, Gets It Taken Off The Board

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America

LSU and Auburn played one of the worst SEC games of the year. It was basically a field goal fest. But when it came down to the end of the game, LSU had a big chance. Danny Etling led the Tigers down the field and had a shot at the end to win it. With no timeouts, Etling threw the ball for a first down and had one second to get off a play. However, an illegal shift penalty set the Tigers backward. With one second still on the clock, Etling threw the ball to who appeared to be D.J. Chark for what looked like at the time to be the game-winning score.

The referees had to review the play and they did. Chark clearly got his foot in bounds, but there was no time left on the clock when Etling snapped the ball. In a crazy reversal, Auburn upsets LSU. It was one of the wildest endings to a college football game that we’ve seen this year and it really saved the game because of how boring it was. Gus Malzahn lives to fight another day while LSU’s title hopes are dashed.

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