New York Jets LB Darron Lee Hires Mom As Manager

Jon Durr/Getty Images North America

There are still first-round draft picks that haven’t signed their rookie deals. New York Jets linebacker Darron Lee might have been listening to the wrong people all this time because his deal isn’t finished and he just hired a new manager — his mother.

Candice Lee, a full-time anchor at an Ohio NBC affiliate, left her full time job to manage her son’s personal finances.

“I want to be there for many of his games and working weekends would not be conducive to traveling to see him play,” Candice told the Columbus Dispatch recently. “Plus, it was time – I have been in the [TV] business for 19 year.”

The paper reported that Candice Lee will handle his marketing and endorsement deals.

CBS Sports reported that Candice won’t be handling her son’s contract negotiations, but probably should. Lee is one of four first-round picks who haven’t signed their rookie deals.

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