The presumed top prize in free agency this summer is Kevin Durant. The Los Angeles Lakers could have an inside track with the new direction the team seems to be going in. However, Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN‘s First Take this morning that LeBron James could come west if he wins a title with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While that’s all well and good, the Lakers should avoid James at all costs. It’s noted that James likes to have control of the roster and likes to pick the guys he plays with. It has also been rumored that he would take a pay cut to create super team with his “friends,” similar to what he did with the Miami Heat.

Building a super team to win tomorrow isn’t the Lakers direction. They are building a team that will last for years to come not win the championship one year go back to 20 wins-a-season again. Los Angeles needs a substantial team, build around the draft and add complimentary players through free agency.

The Lakers are already setup to do this. They hired Luke Walton, they could have a great draft pick and are primed to strike gold in free agency. The direction they’re going in is a bright one. Spending money on a free agent like James — who could have a Dwight Howard effect on the entire organization — might not be the way to go at this juncture.


Posted by Ryan Gaydos

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the LA Sports Pulse. When I'm not doing that or asleep, I am running's homepage. Follow me on Twitter @RyanGaydos.

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