Los Angeles Lakers: Jeanie Buss Had Nothing To Do With Byron Scott Decision

Aug. 10, 2012: Jim Buss and his sister Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles lakers attend a news conference where Dwight Howard was introduced as the newest member of the team at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, Calif. (Getty Images via Zimbio)

The late-breaking news Sunday night has sent the Los Angeles Lakers into a bit of a downward spiral. The Lakers and Byron Scott parted ways and now the new era can finally begin.

However, there seemed to be a little confusion as to who made the final call to not pick up the next season in Scott’s contract. President Jeanie Buss usually makes the final decision, but has said to have kept her hands off the basketball-related issues. CBS Sports reported earlier this month that Buss was pushing for Scott behind the scenes.

USA Today clarified the move, saying Buss had nothing to do with the decision to part ways with Scott. Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak were “given full authority to make this basketball choice.”

In the back of everyone’s mind is to wait and see whether Jim Buss is going to step down. When he took the job, he promised the Lakers would be back into contention within three years. That hasn’t happened and the Lakers have fallen into the basketball abyss.

There still is a lot more that has to be done to fix this team — on and off the court.

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